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    " Outsourced Solutions "

Achieve Optimum Organization , Efficiency , Elimination of Wasted Time and Build a Strong Business Structure....



   There is No "One Size Fits All" 



    All Solutions and Services are 

    Custom Tailored to Meet Your

        Specific Needs and Goals. 



  • Set Up and Organize Your Office

  • Organize You and Your Daily Tasks

  • Manage Your Calendar and Appointments

  • Create Daily Routine

  • Create Processes for Efficiency

  • Write Procedures for Your Processes

  • Develop a System to Organize Yourself

  • Teach You How to Prioritize

  • Organize Personal Filing, Paperwork and Emails

  • Create Order Where it is Lacking 

  • Organize Budget and Spending

  • And More ...


When the organizational structure in a company fails, communication deteriorates, delays in work product ensue and bottom-line profits are affected. 

To operate efficiently and effectively, you must regularly check your Organizational Structure to make sure it is meeting the needs of your business as it grows and changes.



          Office Management


  • Sort through Your Emails and Prioritize

  • Make Your Follow Up Calls

  • Schedule Your Appointments

  • Manage Your Calendar

  • Update Your CRM Database

  • Send out Your Email Blasts

  • Handle Your Travel Arrangements

  • Enter Your Bills

  • Pay Your Bills

  • Collect on Your Invoices

  • Invoice Your Clients

  • Process Your Payroll

  • And More...

Operations & Project Management


  • Streamline all Processes for Optimum Efficiency

  • Investigate and Negotiate Financial Options and Provide Options for Financial Stability

  • Increase Cash Flow through Negotiating and Creating  Payment Plans with Vendors

  • Handle Professionally and Politely any and all Problems that arise in all Departments

  • Faciliate Communication between all Company Personnel, Vendors and Clients, including the President and Vice President

  • Maintain all Vendor and Client relationships

  • De-Construct and Reconstruct Company and install Strong Processes and Employees in place to Create a Strong Foundation on which to Build a Stable Business

  • Coordinate, Negotiate and Process all Employee Payroll and Benefits

  • Process and Review Payroll, AP/AR Transactions, Debt Activity, Revenue and Expenses

  • Create Accounts Receivable Escalation Process to Increase Cash Flow

  • Interview, Assess and Hire New Employees, Terminations and Conduct Employee Exit Interviews

  • And More...

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