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   Gwen Fedrich, President, C.P.O.










 I am an Outsourced Office and Operations Manager

 and a Certified Professional Organizer with over

 25 years experience in Management, Operations,

 Customer Service, Administration, Sales Support,

 Organizing and Re-Organizing Businesses.


 I have created customized, tailored processes,

 procedures and strong structured foundations 

 on which to build a strong profitable business.


 Taught and motivated employees to embrace 

 and use customized processes and procedures

 daily increasing productivity and revenue. 


 Taught and motivated employees and

 departments to increase targets and revenue to

 be merged and acquired by other companies

 for profitability for all companies involved. 


 Created and implemented customized cash flow

 processes to keep the company moving forward 

 without disruption of day-to-day business.


 Reinforced and taught employees how to

 retain customers and provide customers a great

 memorable experience!


 I have extensive professional experience

 managing, streamlining, creating customized

 processes to increase efficiency, deconstructing

 and reconstructing businesses, removing

 negativity, creating a communication process

 within a business, removing bottle-necking

 and laziness- always increasing and reinforcing

 positivity and, of course, the bottom line!


 I am honest, have high integrity, extremely

 professional, confidential and personable,

 positive and,  of course, organized.


 I am passionate about helping people organize

 themselves, their businesses and their lives!

business solutions


"When I am working on a problem,

I never think about the beauty but when I have finished, if the the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong."

                                 (R. Buckminster Fuller)


  I specialize in Office and Operations Management 

  from start to finish.  I personally work with you

  onsite or virtually until all your expectations are

  met and everything is working smoothly , efficiently 

  and to your satisfaction!

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